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On Friday 3rd December 2010, Xmas Bingo was held for all members and visitors and also there was Father Christmas coming to give presents for the children and thanks to Mark for offer to take as Father Christmas.

There were also champagnes and mince pies for all.

29 people attend tenpin bowling at Bexleyheath on Saturday 13th November 2010. It was, however, a most enjoyable families and friends games, played in a friendly atmosphere. There was a good turnout on this occasion of 2 non-competition games.

There was some high-scoring action in the 2nd games… some players such as Carl and Conor who throw in some excitement with their results… guess what? Both have beat Dave’s score!!!

Everyone continues to enjoy with a game of pool and fruit machines throughout the night.

Hope for next one in May 2011 so watch out for date soon.