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Members of Bexley Deaf Club has been awarded the Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene recently on 5th June 2009. They attended a day training course to learn about the Food Hygiene that required to meet the standard work in the refreshment for Club's social meeting.

Congratulations to them

From the left side of the photo are Barry Hartwell, Kim Morgan, Pat Clark, Leslie Culver, Alison Foot, Brenda Culver, Elaine Crook, Peter Fryer and Janet Richards. (absence was Barbara Hayes).

Medway Deaf Club who kindly offered us an indoor games match against their team for the 3rd times at their club on Saturday 30th May 2009. Our hosts were most kindly in preparing with lovely refreshment for both teams and there was a wonderful bar open all day for all players who was thirsty after a very long day in playing all games. It was a very long day with dragging time to take turn in games (Pools, Darts, Dominoes, Shove Half Penny, Whist Drive and Draughts). Bexley was delighted with their team that won at 54.5 – 34.5. Bexley would like to say many thanks to Charles Ruston for good co-operative on behalf of his club, Medway. It is hoped to see a replay of this match to be arranged in future at Medway, possible in the winter time when there is no sunshine outside!

On Sunday 13th September 2009, it was good bright and dry & later sun shines getting warmer because in that morning was quite chilly. There were 16 people and 4 dogs turned up for rambling also 3 new faces came along: Elaine, Peter and Terry, so welcomed them. All of them arrived before 11.00am but Tracy and Lou had lost their way, we had to wait about 10 minutes for them. Only Sandra Foot had a nice scrambled egg on toast breakfast, mmm. We were ready to leave at 11.15am, they followed me along the footpath as Start but Anthony stopped me saying it was the wrong way, I realised that and said sorry to them and changed the route at the other side. I was a bit embarrassed because I was the leader, I should know better!

We walked along the footpath under woods cover for a few minutes to stop and see open to overview fantastic North Down Way country then carry on walking for about one and a half miles to reach the end of Trosley Country Park. Then took turn right, quite steep downhill path with rubbles on the ground leading to North Downs Way, as we managed to walk down to reach to Pilgrim’s Way. Then took turn left and carry on along Pilgrim’s Way for about a mile until wooden bollards then took turn right and carry on a while to the field. We were amazing to see open field after walking under woods cover all the way. We walk through the field until Park Farm then join narrow road for about takes 10 minutes then rejoin country again and walk further to join the road at Ryarsh village and arrived at Duke of Wellington pub, which is old about 15th Century beautiful building. We stopped at this pub for our lunch.

We were enjoying a good rest with food & for an hour. After lunch, we left there and walk along old school lane to see old school but had changed to house then walk further until over bridge on M20 then carry on through the field then to old church until took turn left to walk to on the road at a short time until reach the field. I was laughing because some of them told me to look at the sign, “beware of bulls”. I told them not to worry because I’d been there twice for practice beforehand. Then walk further, I was amazed to see bulls on the field. My group got scared & refused to walk further so I carried on walking myself towards the cattle but only realised they were cows and calves at all, they simply panicked and ran away from me. I gave my group coast clear and they finally came to join me. We then carry on walking to reach the golf course and keep left side near woods leading to the road. We walk along that road to reach to The Angel Inn, again beautiful old pub about 14th Century. We stopped there for a beverage and rested for about 15 minutes.

After that, we resumed walking on a short road to another over bridge on M20 to join the footpath again & further walk on the open field to another old church with the surrounding beautiful country houses near Trottiscliffe. We carry on walk through country to Trosley Country Park then walk along the footpath until steep uphill steps, all of them said oh god very steep steps a long way up. Carolyn & Anthony were the last because they counted each step to around 87 in all – WOW! We managed walking up but worn out until reach to join the footpath at Trosley Country Park back to the car park. We arrived at 4.30pm after 5 hours walk. Some of us went to the Moat, a beautiful look-like farm barn for a dinner and good food.
It was really fantastic day for all of us.