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On Saturday 17th June, Alan Paull organise a day trip to Southend-on-Sea by a coach of 38 people. It was less than an hour each way trips. On arrival most of us went for a cup of tea outside the café at the seafront. Some people arrived their own way to meet us at the seafront. Most of us went separate ways for the day, some of them went to shopping centre, kids play ground and walked by the beach before went over to play the 18 holes crazy golf.

The weather was beautiful and hot all day. After the game of crazy golf we stopped at café for lunch at the Sea Life centre before went to an Adventure Island (Fun fare), which was good fun all afternoon. The coach had to leave the car park at 5pm so we had a few drinks in the back garden of the pub half way back home on A127 until late evening.

On an early morning in July, a crowd of 50 people turned up waiting to be picked up at the gate of Danson Park. It was a warm, sunny day and we were all anxious about the trip to Knebworth Park!

When we arrived at Knebworth Park, there were a lot of American classic cars arriving at the park for a display show. We all had coffee in the dining hall and walked to the Mansion. However, when we arrived at the Mansion we found the timetable too early, as it was not yet open! So we explored the front garden which was very interesting.

We entered the Tudor Mansion, which had a few turrets around the building, larger number in a group; we’d find it difficult to follow what the area guides were lecturing us with only one interpreter. The guides detailed us the history of the Mansion. Some very odd stories were revealed about the Lytton families who have dwelled in the place since 1490. One story of particular interest was that Charles Dickens, the famous author, had a close bond with the family. There were many varied rooms to explore at ground, first and second level. There was one amazing room we saw which was a very long and narrow hall with a decorative, high arch, timbered ceiling. This hall was used for banqueting functions.

Thereafter, we came out exhausted into the hot weather outside. We walked to the park where there were hundreds of stationary American classic cars being displayed, along with a few tentsor where we could buy refreshments and gifts. These cars were beautiful with lot of imagination and characters at that time of boom in 1950-60 period. The children went to the massive adventure Playground while many parents were sitting enjoying refreshments and exploring once again the cars.

The last event at Railway platform, there was the dwarf train ride. We rode on an open-air train carriage slowly and saw a great view of the Mansion and park.

In the early evening a coach appeared to pick the group up for a pub meal near Stevenage. It was lovely pub with plenty of space to sit together. Then two hours later, after much chatting and drinking, we ended the day outing by returning to Bexleyheath.

It was an enjoyable day and many thanks to you all, it was a good bonding experience and itwas great to share the fun together!