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Summer BBQ 2018

Day trip to Hampton Court Saturday 14th July 2018

Bexley Deaf Club visited Hampton Court Palace Saturday 14th July 2018 a beautiful warm and sunny day. From Waterloo Station an easy comfortable train ride and then a five minute walk over Hampton Court Bridge to Hampton Court Palace where we were met by our two BSL interpreters. We spent nearly six hours exploring the buildings and the gardens. The interesting history of the Palace was fascinating, the rooms large and small filled with many old furniture, tapestries, paintings. The beautiful Palace Gardens were amazing, delightful and fun where was a jousting event was going on and we even saw Henry VIII (an actor) it was brilliant. The final part of our day was a lovely and relaxing Thames River boat trip from Hampton Court to Westminster Pier, with views of river banks and passing boats, people giving a friendly wave. We had a wonderful time, and everyone enjoyed the day from the start to the end.

Christmas social night with a surprise Santa came to the centre for 16 children who were received a box of chocolate each, the children were excited about seeing the Santa and ate some of the chocolates.

Bexley Deaf Club organised New Year's Eve party at Orpington Golf Centre total 116 members. They bring their own foods and shared on tables also there was a bar available, also 8 x £20 door ticket prizes for lucky people who won.

There were a lot of fun games for adult and children all evening before celebrated at midnight with party poppers. Everyone enjoyed the party till 1am.

Ramble at Kemsing – May 2018

On Friday 28th September, we were flying to Geneva from London City Airport.

We visited the big lake and see the great water fountain. Also we went to see the house where Charlie Chaplin lived in Vevey.  The Big fork structure was placed on the lake in Vevey.  We went to Interlake to visit waterfalls.  Some of us went to the top of the mountain where the famous 007 film 'On Her Majesty Secret Service' was filmed.  Very beautiful mountains to view.  On the last day before go home, the weather was raining, we went to see UN headquarter and have some shoppings.

We enjoyed ourselves in Geneva!

Bexley Deaf Club organised family and friends members total 38 attended Christmas Pantomime Cinderella at Bromley Churchill theatre. It was an enjoyable evening for everyone despite the signer stand on the other side of the stage because of the fireworks that was set up on the stage where the signer should have been in that area near us. The theatre offered us each a free ice cream as well a nice surprised meet some of the actors after the show for their apologies about the signer who stand on the far end side of the stage.

We are looking forward to go back for 2019 Pantomime Aladdin and the theatre confirmed that they will ensure the signer to stand in the right area for us. If any of you want to buy a ticket please contact us.

On Friday 2nd November. The photo competition was taken place at Bexley Deaf Club. The photos were judged by our photography tutor Geoff Bruce.