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Harry Potter 2013

On Saturday 23rd March 2013, there was an unbelievable snowy day that we went on a day trip to Harry Potter BSL Tour in Leavesden near Watford, Hertfordshire where all Harry Potter movies were filmed.  

There were 44 people going!   Some of these people travelled by coach, own cars and public transport. We met at the venue.  The club were grateful that the Warner Bros company have provided two BSL interpreters and the guides for 2 groups of 15 each and also our club provided our own interpreter for the rest of 14 people. While we were inside the studios, there were fantastic locations including the dining room, make up and costumes displays.  We posed for the camera taking on the flying car and flying brooms with the green background . What an excellent thing. Later on, someone popped a question…  What about the children’s school work while acting, the guide said that there were the temporary locations to be set up inside the studios and hired some teachers for children to do school work from time to time during the filming period. What a good idea!.  At lunchtime, we have some snacks and drinks outside the freezing restaurant with no roof and there is big triple decker bus outside as well.

We continued to the nearest end of the tour, there was massive model…. Hogwarts Castle… what an awesome job the men done to the castle.   Afterwards, we were browsing or buy some things at the store before we headed home!

We arrived back at around 5.30pm.  I would like to thank to all for coming.

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