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Fixtures for 2020


3rd April – Club CANCELLED

18th April (Saturday) – Day trip to Harry Potter Studios (CANCELLED)

26th April (Sunday) – Ramble (CANCELLED)

1st May – Bingo & Social (CANCELLED)

5th June – Blind Dominoes Game & Social (CANCELLED)

3rd July – Social (CANCELLED)

17th July – Summer Grand Bingo (CANCELLED)

7th August – (CANCELLED)

4th September – (CANCELLED)

2nd October – (CANCELLED)

6th November – (CANCELLED)

26th – 30th November (Weekend) – Trip to Berlin (CANCELLED)

4th December – Christmas Grand Bingo (CANCELLED)

18th December – (CANCELLED)

31st December – New Year Eve Party at Crofton Hall in Orpington (CANCELLED)