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Back to Home Trip to Hastings - 12th June 2004

On Saturday 12th June 2004, we went to Hastings for the day by a coach of 27 people. On arrival, most of us went for a cup of coffee outside the café at the seafront. The sun was shining and warm morning but the forecast were shower in the afternoon. Some of us went separate ways; some decided shopping centre at St Leonard’s, kids play centre and The Underwater World. We visited the Underwater World; the marine life experience is totally wonderful. We saw all the various creatures in their natural habitat and explore the walk-through tunnel that runs right through one of the tanks.

We walked to the old town to explore the old shops before catch a lift at the West Hill to take us up to the top of the West Hill Cliff. Peter Culver bought a football to play at the field with all the children included David Foot and Simon Sharp whilst the others had a cup of tea at the café next to the field. It was lovely warm and sunny late morning.

We walked a few hundreds yards over the field to visit the ‘Smugglers Adventures’ at St Clements Caves. We met a deaf couple that live in Hastings, Tony and Kathy Wilson after arranged meeting by Alan Paull. It was interested visit but there are loud speakers on every zone inside the caves, which is not good for us but the children enjoyed in the dark to terrify the other people!

A short walked down back to the sea front and there are many lovely houses in the hill. We had a few drinks and relax in the front outdoor of the pub at the seafront and it was 4 o’clock. We only had a couple of hours left before catch a coach back home. Some stay for few beers and some went over to play the 18 holes crazy golf.

The weather was lovely until the late afternoon, which was cloudy and windy but no rain at all. The coach had to leave the coach park at 6pm so we went home safety in the evening.