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Trip to Colchester Zoo - 19th March 2005

On Saturday 19th March 2005, we met at Crook Log for 9am ready to board the coach to go to Colchester Zoo. The trip consisted of 38 people. We arrived at Colchester Zoo after a 2 hour journey and entered the zoo. First stop was the cafe where we satisfied our appetites, the group then split up and explored the zoo at their own pace. We saw monkeys, otters, giraffes, elephants, lions, lizards, snakes, tortoises, tigers, hyenas, crocodiles and various birds. Some of the group went to Colchester town to explore the Roman ruins and/or do some shopping. Those that stayed behind met back at the coach for 4pm, we were expecting to go to Colchester Deaf club but due to a breakdown in communications between the coach driver and the head office we were unable to go. So the coach went to Colchester deaf club to pick up those who went to Colchester town and then resumed it's journey home. We got back to Crook Log for about 6pm. A good day was had by all but it was a shame we didn't go to the deaf club apologies to Colchester deaf club for letting them down. Many thanks to Alan Paull for organising this trip!

Peter Culver

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