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Back to Home Ramble at Wickhamberaux & Grove Ferry - September 2008

On Sunday 14th September 2008, it was very lucky to have a gorgeous day with warm & sunshine because of wettest early this month. There were 17 people and 4 dogs turned up for rambling, only one person more than the last time at Knole Park. Unfortunately there are no toilets and breakfast provided at Wickhamberaux, but luckily there Rose Inn offered some of us to use toilets. We should be ready to leave at 11.00am but I know four people would be following so we had to wait a while for them. Only 15 minutes late and we start walk.

We walk on short road before reaching the stile in a hedge and across the field and farmyard of Quavers farm. We were interesting to see thousands of strawberries growing on high stand under huge plastic are covers with metal racks. We reach the gate and turn right onto the road again, only a short walk then join the footpath between the wheat fields. We arrived at Stodmarsh; really pretty old houses and beautiful 14th century church. We were continuing walk to English Nature. Which has car park and public toilets, where a few of us needed a pee! Then start walk again along the footpath at English Nature with beautiful view of large lake suitable for birdwatchers. We could see far away a tiny island with loads of birds standing on it. Continue as usual by River Stour taking us further two miles to reach Ferry Inn in Grove Ferry, a lovely building by River Stour as there are some boats and Yachts mooring. We were enjoying our lunch break.

After an hour break we start walk again on a different way along grassy path in lovely wild marsh area. We saw bird watching hut, some of us were interesting and went to view through open window and could see a number of birds flying around or away. Take about 10 minutes in the hut then back to walk until leaving the nature through a swing gate then join the road only a short way until reaching blue bridge. We walk over it onto grassy path beside little Stour all the time. Some of us, men wore shorts were brave to stroll along the nettle because their legs got badly stung while the rest of men wearing trousers avoided sting! After one and a half walk until reaching the woodland then across the bridge via Deadmill Bridge but some of us were afraid of the cows and bulls on the field. I told them come on; they wouldn’t hurt as fly so they managed to walk through the country having had managed to avoid them. We continue to Wickhamberaux; a beautiful village then to Rose Inn at about 4.45pm after really a long day. I noticed some of us pretty worn out, as their faces were red and flush. We were relaxing with drinks in this Inn for about an one hour then drove to Grove Ferry Inn again where we all had lovely evening meal. It was really very great day for all of us. I will plan further rambling next Spring, next year - hopefully more people will join than this time.

Richard Monk - Ramble Leader