Bexley Deaf Club

20 Whitehall Lane

Slade Green



New Year's Eve Party- 2005

There was no heating on and it was quite cold at the Whitehall centre but 65 people enjoyed themselves at the party. Some of them had to keep the coats on to keep themselves warm. There was no fancy dress due to lack of people but only a couple from Medway who were not aware of and came with a dressed up as a 1940’s train guard and housewife. They both received ten pounds each for well deserve. There were many of us playing games and also a raffles being drawn with 10 "Take your pick" envelopes contains top prizes of £30 to £5. The bar was very busy as there were many of us wanted to drink merrily till 1am! A very special thanks to those the committees and volunteers who worked really hard on this night making it a successfully New Year party. We wish you all a very healthy and a prosperous new year for this forthcoming 2006!!

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