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Back to Home New Year’s Eve Party - 31st December 2003

Everybody of 125 people thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the festive party here in Whitehall Centre. There were many of us dressed up as 'School Uniforms'. Kim Morgan won the best adult female dressed as a school girl and Robert Simmonds from Hastings won the adult male best dressed as a school boy. Thomas Paull won the boy best dressed, whilst Sophie Stoke won the girl best dressed. There were many of us dancing all night! There were raffles being drawn with so many eye-catching, mouth-watering prizes. Thanks to Sarah Shering for organising the raffles. The bar was very busy as there were many of us wanted to drink merrily! A very special thanks to those the committees who worked really hard on this night making it a successfully New Year party. We wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year for this forthcoming 2004!