Day Trip To Hampton Court - Saturday 14th July 2018

Bexley Deaf Club visited Hampton Court Palace Saturday 14th July 2018 a beautiful warm and sunny day. From Waterloo Station an easy comfortable train ride and then a five minute walk over Hampton Court Bridge to Hampton Court Palace where we were met by our two BSL interpreters. We spent nearly six hours exploring the buildings and the gardens. The interesting history of the Palace was fascinating, the rooms large and small filled with many old furniture, tapestries, paintings. The beautiful Palace Gardens were amazing, delightful and fun where was a jousting event was going on and we even saw Henry VIII (an actor) it was brilliant. The final part of our day was a lovely and relaxing Thames River boat trip from Hampton Court to Westminster Pier, with views of river banks and passing boats, people giving a friendly wave. We had a wonderful time, and everyone enjoyed the day from the start to the end.

Barbara Hayes

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