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20 Whitehall Lane

Slade Green



Christmas Raffle Draw - 2004

Members of Bexley Deaf Club thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the "Christmas Raffles Draw for the 2nd times & Mince Pie with Wine" and also Christmas present from the Santa Claus for all children here in Whitehall Centre on Friday 17th December 2004.

Firstly, there was a Santa Claus, which Mark Watson, kindly offered for the 2nd times. He arrived the centre with a couple of black sacks contains boxes of cholocate for all children. It was lovely evening with mince pie and wine for all, and also Christmas cards exchanged.

Finally, there was a Great Christmas Raffles Draw organised by Sarah Shering that being drawn with so many eye catching faces. There were many cash prizes range from £150 to £5 totals of £655 cash. Those lucky people who won the top 3 prizes as following:

Richard Monk won the top prize of £150 cash
Elaine Hartwell won the second prize of £100 cash
David King won the third prize of £50 cash

The reminder of above £655 cash prizes won by 4 people with £30 each, 7 people won £20 each, 6 people won £10 each and 7 people won £5 each.

Thanks to Sarah Shering for organising the raffles and also to committee members who help out with the raffles.

Thanks to Alison Foot for organising and prepare the Christmas presents for the children.

Thanks to Mark Watson for his time as a Santa Claus.

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